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Corporate Trainings

We at The Maya offer tailor-made programs that include a spectrum of diversified and advanced Human Behavioral training that fit the exact needs of your organization including the main influencers on driving revenue to any organization especially during crisis and economic instability such as:

  • "Leadership" 
     using Tony Robbins Leadership Academy's advanced teachings and skills that match the requirement of today's world!
  • "Closing Top Deals" 
     using Dan Lok's approach, strategies, and techniques to double the profit through leveling up skills!
  • "Building Resilience"
  • Outstanding "Customer Service"

These programs are more than an approach because they are created and designed based on the specific needs of the organization after thorough understandings and discussions to build a program that would boost productivity and empower the organization with a unique competitive advantage through its core assets (employees).

The tools we use for such programs are tailor-made to provide the right kind of empowerment required by the organization. These programs are either created from scratch or replayed with adapted adjustments in details because we are obsessed with understanding the true individual need of every organization!

We also plan team events where we indulge the team in an off-the-job rewarding experience based on the objectives of the organization!

These events usually include:

  • A lot of relevant-to-purpose activities
  • Engaging a huge number of people together
  • Innovative, fun, dynamic, memorable and creative activities
  • An extraordinary experience that is new and effective in delivering the purpose of the organization.

Latest Training Session

Our team of training consultants offers clients the opportunity to benefit from a highly experiential and impact-full approach. Our training and development programs and workshops meet specific learning needs and support integrated consulting projects.

We pride ourselves of our capacity to design and develop learning programs based on global knowledge and adapted to local culture and context.

Training Courses


  • Thinking into results
  • Becoming a person of influence
  • Everyone communicates, few connect
  • How to be a REAL success
  • The Success Principles
  • Leadership Gold
  • Put your dreams to the test
  • 15 Invaluable Laws of growth
  • Leadership