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Nick Vujicic - Achieve the Unimaginable - Dubai UAE

Nick Vujicic is not only a happily married father of 4, a motivational speaker that inspired millions of people, a successful entrepreneur but also a human with an adorable sense of humor! The first time I saw nick was probably 8 years ago...and at that time I stood in awe in front of his power, with an enormous drive to express a grateful handshake with him..but only that I couldn't find hands!!!! So him, anticipating what I was thinking from my eyes jumping all over in search...said: "come give me a hug"! THIS stayed with me FOREVER! My favorite takeaway in this event is his statement: "WHEN YOU ARE AT EASE WITH WHO YOU ARE, PEOPLE AROUND YOU FEEL BETTER IN YOUR PRESENCE"... like WOW!!!!!!! He also beautifully mentioned: 

* The importance of using your brain to figure things out for urself. 

* Dreaming BIG. 

* Courage is doing what you are fearful of anyway! 

* What instigates courage is a purpose. 

* Love is happiness. 

* You don't know what u can achieve until u try. 

* Have FAITH *Failure is your classroom! 

* Don't expect anything to be given to you..it is you that has to go & get it! 

* Obstacles= Opportunities 

* Consistency creates excellence

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