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12 March 2020

Sexually harassed on the job?

See...i am a woman, worked in the corporate world for 11 years! 

With double shifts, and double duties, i've come accross ALOT OF UNFAVORABLE SITUATIONS...that i can finally VOICE!

Harassment? Sexual? 

Uhhh...u mean...someone who is abusing his senior position...to impose some dirty talk or trashy jokes upon his junior employee??

Or u mean, maybe...a General Manager leaning upon your shoulder, laying his head on your back, making it seem like he is being friendly, in an absurd awkward way, or even pretending that his hands mistakenly touched the sides of your breasts as he is trying to grab something from the desk next to you?

Or maybe, a fishy dinner invitation, from that idiomatic HR Manager? Who when got turned down, started spreading all kinds of stories about you in an attempt to proactively stab your reputation, trash your stand & sabotage any effort you might take towards disclosing his truth! 

Or could it possibly be...those savage stares of ur boss right through the car's front mirror as u sat in the back, while he was dropping you with some team members home after a group outing?

Or if am guessing...an offer on personal pleasing, when you initially applied for personal assisting!!!! 

See...baby gurl...let mama here enlighten your path a little...and share with you a secret...

I know how it feels like, when adrenaline rushes through your bloodstream, scared, lonely, and almost helpless!!! 

A million thought racing in a fraction of a second...

"What if i lose my job?"

"What of no one believed me?"

"What if i don't know how to say no?"

" what about my loans? My family who depends on me? How am I gonna feed them?"

"What if someone walks in now and see him hugging me like this? What would they say? They are not going to read my mind!!! They wouldn't know that i feel helpless...that i cannot say no...that i am frozen..i feel my heart is gonna stop....almost paralyzed....wishing i would die"....

And you die....

At least a piece of you does....

One of the worst thing any human being can tolerate...is being enforced into situations...and believing...that there isnt anything that can be done about it! 

Learned helplessness...

Due to many factors...

Past factors...

Unhealed factors....

But if you just happened to read your situation through my lines...i believe i have a word for you..

Only YOU can defend YOU...

Only GOD pays your bills...

The only way out is THROUGH...

Those tough resilience muscles, can only be built through confrontation!

You gotta do more of what you wana enhance & grow!

You gotta show up in places you used to run away from...

You gotta look them straight in the eyes like this battle is already won!

And remember the following:

If only they see a glimpse of your strength, they'll tremble!!!

They only approached you coz they sensed your weakness!

Remind yourself in that second...that you own the choice! And acting helpless is a CHOICE!


As you breathe repeat to yourself "YES I CAN"

Turn toward them and walk looking thtough them as if you can see the wall behind their head!!!

Say: "If you ever dare, do this again, am gonna ruin your world, not only reputation, but YOUR ENTIRE WORLD, and test me if u doubt"....

See...power instigates power, courage instigates courage, and one step creates the one after it!

The more you stay in your helplessness the more you will act helpless...but you are not helpless...
For God is the source of all abundance truly, and when one nasty door shuts off...rest assure..that a brighter one is ought to open sooner than you know...

But u gotta toughen up!!! To get groomed...and u shall only be well-groomed by passing these tiny tests on your way to your vision!

Never jeopardize your values just because you are fearful and scared!!!

Break those chains by jumping into your higher self and standing up for yourself!!!

Defend you!

Protect you!

Fight for you not against you!

Be your most powerful warrior!

Your shining armor!

Let the world brun in flames if it doesn't serve the best of you!!!

Don't be afraid to walk away...the world is vast with opportunities...but there's only one you in this world...set your priorities in order!

P.S. I love you!


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